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About Resolve Pain

We Provide Essential Services For Your Health Care

Matthew Tweedie, a board-certified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner and Trainer with more than 10 years of clinical expertise, runs the Resolve Pain Clinic. Matthew focuses his practice on providing root cause resolution for difficult situations based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Bio Energetics principles and progressive integrative modalities.

Since we began on this journey, our team has given people with a wide range of tools and solutions to take control of their health and resolve numerous chronic issues by working at the root cause that leads to resolution and relief of symptom.

An Integrative Methodology

The purpose of our service is to help you understand your body and how it works, so that you can heal yourself by taking control through practical tools. It's our aim to provide you with the knowledge and collective wisdom to create health for yourself, no matter where you are now.

Our care team will lead you through an integrative approach to your health, combining the finest of progressive, integrative techniques and technology -including smart lifestyle modifications that can dramatically improve your health and symptoms.

Customized Attention

You’ll receive customized attention from our care team of practitioners and health coaches.

During your exploratory consultation, you will meet with one of our experts to plot your path to resolution. The subsequent interventions will be primarily carried out by our team based on your specific requirements.

Personalized Guidance

There are six major contexts that influence one's health, even though no client is the same. We will look at the source of your imbalance - examining the entire body as a system to restore it to harmony and balance - guiding you each step of the way.

We'll examine your situation thoroughly, including mediators at home, at work, and in your mental state to arrive at a "lifestyle blueprint" that will help you get back on the road to health.

Innovative Interventoins

Pain and suffering only seem to be present because people don't work at the root cause and end up feeling stuck with no options. Our opinion is that a day in pain is too long let alone a lifetime of discomfort and agony.

Our specialists are lifelong learners who stay up to date on the latest techniques by sharing best practices and looking for innovative, out-of-the-box ideas to assist our clients in reaching their health objectives.

Resolution at its Root Cause

Our care team is unique in that it always approaches the problem from a root cause standpoint, which enables us to pinpoint the primary imbalance responsible for virtually all of your symptoms.

As integrative health coaches, we do not attempt to give you more bandaids to cover up your symptoms; instead, we aim to provide you with answers an d long term relief and resolution.

Take Back Your Health

Like your gut bacteria, the health outcome you seek is easier to achieve if you form mutually beneficial relationships within a community.

With both your care team and your fellow patients cheering for you, we use group structures to provide patient education, peer-to-peer support, and accountability.

Trust Us To Be There To Help All

Our Core Philosophy

The principle that drives everyone at Resolve Pain Clinic is rather basic:

We provide the tools for individuals to improve their lives through empowerment, education, and root cause analysis.

Matthew believes that the client should be an important part of their recovery (or maintenance of health). And that it’s not just about preconceived notions regarding a diagnosis they may have received without complete knowledge of the clients context.

That’s why, at Resolve Pain Clinic, the care team will go above and beyond to discover the source of your problems. Working with your bio energetic fields, we will address your entire health and problems in the body’s meridian systems, such as toxins, latent stressors, lifestyle factors, environmental elements, and emotional issues that are preventing your body from operating at peak performance.

We employ findings from the most recent research, as well as decades of expertise, to continually integrate both. You’ll be among the first to try cutting-edge, integrated treatment methods that blend the best of progressive and conventional approaches.

About Matthew Tweedie

Matthew Tweedie Clinical Hypnotherapist, Masters in Psychotherapy and NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer and a student of human bio energetics.

He has long been interested in body mind connection and the limitless potential for self healing through balancing internal energy that all humans have. The positive transformation that bio energetics, phototherapy, TCM principals (Traditional Chinese medicine) have had while working in his clinical hypnosis practice astounded him. The resultant of this work is Resolve Pain Clinic, founded to help a broader audience with these amazing new technologies and strategies.

His initial journey to self-discovery exposed him to the expansive and dynamic tools enabling him to actualize his passion and help people reach their full potential. The goal? To help them live the lives they want by changing how they think about themselves and redefining their reality.

Several years ago Matthew developed “mystery symptoms”, finding himself looking through the eyes of the client with trepidation, as certain methods did not seem to be helping not identify the root source of the problem. Like many who know something “is just not right” he began an exploration of all facets of integrative approaches, looking for an answer.

Matthew discovered that years ago, when he began experiencing some “chronic pain symptoms.” He was feeling stuck and needed to find a solution out of necessity. He started an investigation into all aspects of integrative strategies in order to find an answer.

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