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Are You Ready To Live a Life Free of Pain and full of Vigour?

Let's use a customized game plan to address your wellness issues and help you live life fully. Tired of trying everything for pain, and still not feeling better?

Have you been suffering from chronic pain for years? Do you feel like you’ve exhausted your options and are frustrated by seeing doctor after doctor yet still not feeling any better?

This occurs all the time — people just like you who have been from doctor to doctor, yet haven’t received an answer as to why they aren’t feeling well.

We’d want to reassure you that freedom from pain is possible… You can now discover who we are and why you need us by reading what comes next. We want to let you know that, in order for us all to get back on track living the rich and full life you deserve, there must be a fundamental shift in how a persons body functions.

This approach, on the other hand, is not typical, and it’s possible that’s why you struggled unnecessarily until now. Because when you join with our team, we will look at the big picture of your bodies energy systems and bring them back into balance to help your body achieve its natural healing potential.

And rather than matching band aids with symptoms, our in-depth assessment and screening will give us a much more complete picture of what systems are out of balance and require energetic support – ie. what caused your symptoms in the first place.

We can work together to develop a unique strategy to address the underlying reason instead of treating (or hiding) your symptoms. This is an example of how this method works for different persistent diseases:

We Have Strategies to help you achieve your goals

We are currently a mix of face to face and virtual
  • Initial Consultation $250 for 90 minutes
  • Follow-Up Consultations $200 for 60 minutes
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What clients are saying

Jan Owen

I came to see Matthew for issues of anxiety, fatigue and physical pain.I found the experience of of hypnosis surprisingly effective and relaxing. It helped me be more receptive to positive changes from the neurolinguistic programming techniques.My expectations were certainly met; brooding and negative thinking were reduced then disappeared with the NLP strategies that Matthew offered and I now feel more confident and able to plan and reach my goals. Various aches and pains diminished, heaviness and fatigue has gone and I have learnt how to lessen pain generally. I am also pleased and grateful that I have more energy and zest for life. Thank you, Matthew!

Miranda Bolton

I came to see Matthew because I started experiencing motion sickness when I was about 17 and I also had a fear of flying. I got to the point where it was affecting my day to day life and therefor my wellbeing. From the outset, my experience has been amazing, Matthew was professional in his approach and always made me feel comfortable.This journey has been 100% successful for me. I don’t have any fear of getting on a plane and I can now comfortably be a passenger in a car and be free of any feeling of motion sickness, it is truly amazing!! This has not just met my expectations, it has blown them out of the water. If I look at my life as a whole it has all improved as a result of my journey with Matthew. I don’t have the same fear of day to day life that I used to, I can fly and see the world with no trouble and feel genuinely healthy everyday. I can say with absolute confidence that Matthew’s work completely changed my life. Thank you.  Send the email or make the phone call, you won’t regret it.

Heath Bache

I booked some sessions with Matthew after suffering from chronic insomnia that had plagued my life for several years. Matthew was very judicious in asking lots of questions about my journey with my insomnia and made every effort to understand what the underlying issues were. With his help, I was able to identify emotions and thoughts that I wasn’t even consciously aware of that were contributing to my problem. I attended a total of 5 consultations with Matthew. By the time I had finished my 3rd session I had noted a marked improvement in my sleep and I was finally able to start functioning like a normal person every day, and I felt like I had been equipped with the necessary tools to recognise trigger factors and deal with them on the spot. My expectations were exceeded. My issue was so chronic that I did have some doubts that a few sessions with Matthew would deal with them, but I was pleasantly surprised.Matthew’s conduct is both humble and professional. He took a genuine interested in my needs and was very keen to ensure that I achieved the outcome that I wanted. I have no issue in recommending him to other potential clients.

Vivienne Duffett

I wanted to see if I could get help with anxiety and pain. I have resolve pain to be brilliant and it has been a great tool to assist my anxiety and pain. I have succeeded in reaching my expectations. Matthew Tweedie has been an absolute professional with the work he has done with me and I look forward to working with him more in the future. Thank you Matthew. 😃🌺

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