Chronic Pain Clinic

Globally more than 1.5 billion people live with chronic pain. Unlike typical pain, which is short-term, chronic pain can last for months or years-long, even after an injury has healed. When you experience chronic pain, it affects your day-to-day life, work and social life and can easily lead to depression, insomnia and anxiety.

To manage the situation, you’ll need to get on medication or therapies to make your life a bit easier. These services are easily accessible if you visit a chronic pain clinic. If you need to consult a chronic pain psychologist for the best treatment plan, you can schedule a session today to get started.

What Causes Chronic Pain?

Chronic or acute pain comes in different forms and can be on any part of the body. The most common types of chronic pain include back pain, neck pain, arthritis or joint pain, headaches, cancer pain near a tumour, or postsurgical pain. You can also get chronic pain from infections, nerve damage or fibromyalgia.

However, individuals experience chronic pain even without any prior injury in some cases. If this happens, it’s advisable to go to a chronic pain clinic to get on a treatment plan.

On most occasions, chronic pain develops after the nerves become damaged. Nerve damage makes the pain more intense. When you are hurt, the pain sensors send a signal via the nerves until it reaches the brain.

What Is A Chronic Pain Clinic?

If you have difficulties managing your pain for a lengthy period, you need to visit a chronic pain clinic. Your physician can also refer you to a pain clinic if you have been experiencing non-stop pain for months. These health care facilities focus on the management and diagnosis of chronic pain. While some may focus on specific types of pain, others are interdisciplinary; therefore, they take an overall approach during the diagnosis and treatment.

How Will A Chronic Pain Clinic Help You?

When you visit a chronic pain clinic, the practitioner will need to understand the cause of the pain before developing a treatment plan. This can include medications and injections to manage physical pain or behavioural and physiological therapies.

If your pain is beyond physical causes, a chronic pain clinic will also introduce you to complementary or alternative therapy like acupuncture, hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), LifeWave patches and bioenergetics.

Additionally, this can also include different lifestyle remedies to ease chronic pain, such as meditation, art and music therapy or physical therapy.

A chronic pain clinic also develops a pain management programme for patients. This is aimed at improving the quality of life despite the pain. Treatment at the pain clinic will also teach you how to manage your chronic pain on your own so that you can function normally and return to work.

The main goal of a chronic pain clinic is to help you return to your daily life and activities without discomfort. Therefore, your doctors create pain management plans specific to each patent depending on the symptoms, severity of the pain and underlying medical conditions.

Additionally, the chronic pain clinic will help you increase your confidence by giving you more control of your condition and life.


A chronic pain clinic is a facility specializing in helping patients manage and treat pain. Therefore, if your pain affects your everyday activities, you need to seek help from a chronic pain professional. While the pain is physical, it can get magnified by negative thoughts and patterns that require treatment methods like hypnosis, bioenergetics, and NLP.

If you have been experiencing chronic pain and need to address the problem and regain your normal functioning, you can contact us today to book a session with our practitioners. We will get you on the right treatment plan to manage your pain.

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