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Imagine a product that can Activate Your Stem Cells, resetting those cells to a younger healthier state. This would represent a whole new level of vitality with improvements to your energy, sleep, reduction in pain, reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles and support of faster wound healing, just to name a few of the benefits.

Introducing the LifeWave X39 patch. The first product ever that is designed to Activate your body’s own stem cells. How does X39 accomplish this? Using our proprietary and patented form of phototherapy, X39 elevates the peptide GHK-Cu. This is a naturally occurring peptide in your body that declines significantly with age. In fact, after the age of 60 your levels of GHK-Cu have dropped by more than 60%.

How Do Lifewave X39 Patches Work?

You are wondering how this could possibly work! After all– a sticker? Like a bandaid? There’s no medicine, no drug going into the body… All true, and if you understand that when light shines on cells it changes what the cells do–like the way that sunlight on the skin causes you to make vitamin D, then you can “get” how these Lifewave patches work.

Light Therapy: The New Medicine

We see exciting research about how and why light can improve our health coming out of many major universities. At Harvard associated institution, Massachusetts General, they have a center for photomedicine and are leading the way in understanding how light can change the body. Now research is showing us that certain wavelengths of light will alter what happens at the cellular level. Studies are popping up everywhere, in every facet of medicine looking at how light can help the body, whether to improve cognition, treat chronic neurological problems, improve fatigue, help depression and we are beginning to understand all the different ways light can help the body.

Your Body Makes Light

Did you know that your body actually puts out light? One way to see this is by looking at the body through an infrared camera. With specialized equipment, it is possible to see the ultra weak photon emission of the body.

Photons are tiny little particles of light. Understanding that you actually make light is the first step to understanding how Lifewave x39 patches work. The Lifewave x39 patch works by reflecting certain wavelengths of your own light back into the body.

Activating Stem Cells

When you place the Lifewave x39 patch on your skin, it increases a copper peptide in the body called GHK-Cu. GHK-Cu is an amazing little molecule that activates stem cells in the body. The Lifewave x39 patch helps a person tap into their own healing wisdom by using their very own stem cells to start to heal from the inside out. You probably heard of stem cells, they are cells that can become many different kinds of tissue. Stem cells are the source of every tissue in the body. Your stem cells are how you were at one time made of only 2 cells and now are made of billions of cells (of all different types). Stem Cells let you heal, grow, and recover.

Stem Cell Injections? Why Would I Do That When I Could Use A Simple Patch?

Some people who are sick or have chronic injury may have stem cells injected, although this comes with both controversy and huge expense, and there’s always a risk of infection when you put a needle into the skin. (Not to mention the ouch factor!-I’ve always been scared of needles!) And, of course, stem cell injections are not guaranteed to work! What if you could get the benefit of stem cells without the expense, the risk, AND get a guarantee? Lifewave X39 is all that!

LifeWave Aeon Patch Research

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