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Resolving Back Pain and Sciatica Using Bioenergetics and Phototherapy


Most people will experience back pain at some point in their lives. It affects people of any age and is categorized as one of the leading causes of disability globally. Back pain can result from some medical conditions, injury or daily activities. One of these medical conditions is Sciatica, which comes with a shooting pain.

While these conditions are quite common, there are several forms of treatments that one can use to resolve the pain, including biogenetics and phototherapy. Individuals can also use LifeWave patches to overcome the pain. Let’s examine this further.

Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem that causes body discomfort. Your chances of developing back pain increase as you get older, depending on your body, medical history and activity level.

Symptoms associated with back pain

If you are experiencing back pain, it can manifest as a simple strain, burning sensation, or muscle ache. The pain can also travel down to your buttocks and legs on some occasions. In addition, the back issues can lead to pain in other parts of the body which is influenced by the nerves affected. Your pain could also worsen when you carry heavy items, bend, stand or walk.


Typically, back pain comes about if you have any issues with the components in your back or spine. The back has structured muscles, tendons, ligaments, discs, and bones that support body movements. However, if any of these parts have a problem, you'll experience backache. Here are the common causes.

Muscle strain

Muscle strains occur if you lift something that's too heavy or improperly. In addition, you could strain your ligaments or have muscle tension if you make a sudden awkward movement.

Structural issues

Back pain can be caused by ruptured or bulging disks that put pressure on a nerve. It could also be due to sciatica, arthritis or osteoporosis. These structural problems affect the nerve system and bones and can lead to chronic pain if left untreated.

Poor posture and movement

Most people spend most of their day seated working. Sitting in a hunched position all day leads to shoulder and back issues. In addition, you could experience this problem when you bend awkwardly for long, strain your neck or sleep on a mattress that hurts your spine.

Spine infections

Back pain is quite common if you have an infection on the spine or cancer of the spine. These infections affect the nerves and spark pain.

How to overcome

If you are experiencing backaches, you need to find solutions to resolve the pain. On most occasions, back pain tends to clear up by itself. However, if the issue persists, you’ll need to seek medical assistance.

You should see a doctor for assessment if the pain doesn’t improve even with rest, it gets worse, it's accompanied by a fever, weakness and numbness in the legs, stops you from doing your normal activities, and you have unexplained weight loss.

During the examination, the doctor might carry out x-rays, MRI and CT scan to identify the real cause and prescribe medication. You can also use other alternatives, such as LiveWave patches that treat your pain symptoms.


Sciatica is a pain condition that gets triggered when the sciatic nerve is irritated. Often confused with back pain, sciatica is not concentrated on the back. The sciatic nerve runs from the lower back to the buttocks, legs and knees; therefore, when the nerve has a problem, you’ll experience pain on the majority of the lower leg.

Sciatic occurs as a symptom that your sciatic nerve has a problem.

Symptoms associated with sciatica

The most common symptom associated with this condition is a shooting pain along the sciatic nerve. The pain runs from the lower back to the buttocks to the legs. Watch out for numbness on the legs or lower back and pain that worsens with loss of movement. You might also have this problem if you constantly experience a tingling (pins and needles) sensation in your feet, toes and legs.

Causes of sciatica

Sciatica is caused by the following medical conditions-

Herniated or slipped disc

90% of sciatica cases are due to a herniated or slipped disc. Discs act as cushioning parts between each vertebra. Therefore, this happens when a disc is pushed out of place, putting pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Spinal stenosis

This condition happens when your spinal cord has an abnormal narrowing that reduces the space between the spinal cord and nerves.

Degenerative disc disease

Discs undergo natural wear down, which shortens their height, causing the nerve passageways to become narrow. This contributes to spinal stenosis.

Spinal tumors and infections

Tumors usually compress the root of the sciatic nerve. When this happens, you will experience sciatica.

How to overcome

If you are experiencing sciatica, you need to seek treatment to avoid further problems. Sciatica can be resolved by taking medication that reduces the inflammation and swelling, applying ice or hot packs to relieve the discomfort or performing stretches.

Alternatively, you can seek other forms of treatments, including acupuncture, bioenergetics and phototherapy, to manage your pain. LifeWave patches also come in handy by blocking the symptoms of the pain.

How bioenergetics and phototherapy can be used to treat back pain and sciatica

Bioenergetic therapy is a form of psychotherapy that is implemented to heal stress build-up in the body and the resulting pain. It's used as a treatment method on the basis that emotional and physical health are connected. Therefore, if you are experiencing sciatica or back pain, you can work on releasing the physical and emotional tension causing the problem.

On the other hand, phototherapy helps relieve pain, inflammation and injuries. This medical treatment uses artificial light back pain and sciatica. Targeted ultraviolet rays penetrate the skin layers and reduce any form of inflammation that is causing back pain. Once you start getting this therapy, you should attend a session or more, depending on the severity of your pain.

How LiveWave patches help with chronic pain

Recurrent pain can affect your day-to-day activities; therefore, you should find ways to deal with the root of the problem. LifeWave patches come in handy if you want to resolve chronic pain in your body. They can deal with the origin of the pain or turn down the symptoms associated with the pain. These patches work by blocking the origin of the pain for faster relief. If the issue is the sciatic nerve, the patches will act on the root and resolve the pain.


Back pain and sciatica can disrupt your daily life significantly if left untreated. To know which condition you have, you have to monitor whether you have symptoms associated with either. Once you identify the symptoms, you need to seek assistance from a health professional.

If you are experiencing chronic back pain or issues with the sciatic nerve, consider getting LiveWave patches. These patches can help you reduce the pain and inflammation in your muscles and ligaments and eliminate issues on the sciatic nerve.

Contact us now if you need help with pain in the upper and lower back nerve issues in your knees and legs. We'll answer your questions and help you resolve the problem.

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